Who We Are

Allied Trainings Systems specializes in retraining students who are looking for a smaller more personal school; adults who have not been in an educational setting for many years and “hard to place injured workers”. Clients who would not otherwise be successful in a traditional college environment either from previous lack of education, inability to succeed at the pace of an instructor led environment, or for Labor & Industries clients, the extent of injury prohibiting them from maneuvering through a campus.

The majority of students attending Allied Training Systems have never used a computer, requiring additional time to learn the skills necessary to start a job that pays a living wage; additionally, many of them need to relearn math and grammar basics before they can even start working on the core of their training – computer classes.

Our students are all unique and learn differently than each other, so our training caters to every type of learner (Visual, Logical, Auditory, Verbal, Physical, Social and Solitary), we insure that our curriculums can be learned using any of these techniques.

Additionally; we take into consideration that our classroom is full of students that are studying hard and may have sit/stand issues; they are given three 10-minute breaks daily allowing them time to get up and move around creating time to clear their heads for a moment and move their joints to relieve pain.

The value of our training is incomparable based on our specific students need.

Our Staff

Jacob Crosby

Jacob Crosby received his Microsoft Master certification and joined Allied in 2007. He, along with Jill Kang, purchased the school in 2008.

In addition to training in computer applications and medical billing, Jacob has been doing training in the technology field since 1999. As a faculty member and Lead Instructor at Allied Training Systems, Jacob trains in Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, medical billing & coding, project management, and various professional development courses.

* Jacob is also available to meet with vocational counselors and prospective students.

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Lead Instructor

Jill Kang

Jill Kang helped start Allied Training Systems in 2005. She later purchased it along with Jacob in 2008.

On top of training in computer applications and accounting, Jill has over 20 years of small business management and has previously been a corporate trainer for a large bank. As a faculty member and Education Services Director at Allied Training Systems, Jill handles all of the administrative duties.

* Jill is also available to meet with students and vocational counselors.

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Education Services Director

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