Training Plans

Allied Training Systems Offers pre-packaged training plans. The following links contain a description of the specified plan, as well as course descriptions for all the courses included. You can also find all the individual course information in our Courses section. All plans can be modified to better serve individual needs.

NOTE: This information is for your planning purposes only. Due to all the legal disclosures mandated by the State of Washington Workforce Training and Education Board, it is necessary for Allied Training Systems to write all proposals to ensure student receives all the information necessary.

Distance Learning / Remote Programs Available

Remote plans are strictly on a case by case basis; the student must come in and meet with Jacob before admissions.

Remote Learning Requirements:

  1. A remote plan requires that the student have a computer running Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
  2. A High Speed Internet Connection is required (not provided by Allied Training Systems).
  3. Long Distance Phone Service is required (not provided by Allied Training Systems).
  4. Students are required to physically attend ATS to have their computers set up and tested by our Instructors, pick up curriculum, and sign all Registration documentation.
  5. Remote Student Hours are from 8-1, you are welcome to stay signed in as late after 1 o’clock as you would like.
  6. Students must complete their Log-In Sheets daily.