Customer Service

Table of Contents:

Call Center Success

Master the skills needed to face the challenges of a Customer Service Representative position. Learn how to handle calls professionally and effectively. Strive to keep a positive attitude even in the most trying situations. Create a self-improvement plan for better service.


  • Essential skills for CSRs
  • Handle calls professionally and effectively the first time
  • Understand the impact of your attitude
  • Use e-mail, fax, and the telephone to provide superior service
  • Deal with job stress, angry callers and upset customers
  • Create a self-improvement plan for better service

Customer Service & Communication Skills

This course is for people who are responsible for providing customer service. Communicate a message effectively by identifying the receiver, choosing a proper channel, responding to feedback, and overcome a variety of common forms of interference. Develop the skills to be a critical listener and how to respond appropriately to speakers. Project a positive image on the telephone, properly address callers, and establish good rapport. Identify the challenges of a call center and the guidelines to follow in order to provide excellent service. Learn to manage incoming and outgoing information. Identify and manage stress.


  • Fundamentals for Employees
  • Interpersonal Communication: Effective Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication: Listening Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication: Telephone Skills
  • Call Center: Inbound Customer Service
  • Organizational Skills: Managing Information
  • Stress Management: Fundamentals for Employees

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