Sales Training

Table of Contents:

Professional Selling Over the Phone

This course teaches students about using the telephone for professional selling. Students will learn how to prepare scripts, manage calls, implement components of an effective voice, listen to feedback, and ask questions to increase sales. Course activities also cover finding prospects, discussing the type of information to leave on prospects' voice mail, maintaining a positive attitude, identifying the components of the soft sell, and building and maintaining relationships with prospects. Students will also learn about gaining feedback from customers, addressing rejection, resolving objections, and closing a sale. The manual is designed for quick scanning in the classroom and filled with interactive exercises that help ensure student success.


  • Preparing for telesales
  • Preparing the workspace
  • Preparing to write telesales scripts
  • Essentials of telesales
  • Communication essentials
  • Handling telesales calls
  • Prospecting
  • Generating telesales prospects
  • Interacting with prospects
  • Cold call strategies
  • Closing a sale
  • Closing sales over the telephone
  • Addressing telesales challenges
  • Maximizing telesales performance

Sales Skills - Basic

This course teaches students the fundamentals of the selling process. In the basic course students learn how to understand sales terminology, establish professional behavior, handle clients, and create effective sales presentations. Course activities also include connecting with clients, prospecting and networking, and responding to objections.


  • Sales fundamentals
  • Your professional self
  • Handling clients

Sales Skills - Advanced

This course builds on the fundamentals of Sales Skills - Basic. In the advanced course students learn how to build relationships with clients, help clients envision their needs, negotiate to meet the identified needs, study the market, and analyze competitors. Course activities also cover researching clients and implementing a consulting strategy to develop solutions for clients. Students will also close a sale and follow up after the sale.


  • Gaining customer commitment
  • Studying the market
  • Developing a winning strategy
  • Effectively closing a sale

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